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Please Note - WE DO NOT provide one off shipments or quotes for one-off purchases. We only cater to our paid annual members. Please do not contact us asking for quotes if you are not a paid member.

Long Jump Express allows you to buy from US sellers who do not ship overseas. Have it shipped to us instead in the States and we will forward it on to you. This is great for those looking to buy hard to find items here, the latest brands and fashions and is perfect for resellers such as ebay powersellers who can buy at below wholesale from ebay USA and resell on ebay Australia at usually profitable markups.

Use Long Jump Express to resell at HUGE profits

For those of you who have already worked it out; yes you are right, buying from ebay US sellers is the way the Power Sellers all became big time. In Australia we are a little behind the fashions and trends of the US. What this means is by the time something is popular here, US powersellers are at the stage where they are getting rid of the same leftover stock at virtually give away prices by our standards. The problem however is often the US sellers reluctance to post overseas. With Long Jump Express you can bypass this issue easily and buy anything from anyone in the U.S.. And if you are wondering; YES, this is all entirely appropriate and approved by ebay, under its terms and conditions as a means of buying from ebay.com. And this doesn't just apply to ebay resellers; it applies to shopowners and business generally. From market reseller, to online powerseller; from private collector, to large business investor, Long Jump Express can cater to your needs.

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